Chalupa Batgirl

There are a number of monumental first in a baby’s life, and high on my personal list is Halloween. I love this low pressure holiday with it's clever costumes, quirky parties, and of course, guilt-free treats. Unlike Christmas, I never feel like I have to empty my bank account to fully enjoy it. On Halloween, one can indulge in one or more Reese Peanutbutter Cups (something I love, but avoid in my everyday life) because to not a little would go against the sugary spirit of the ghoulish holiday.  

This year the October 31st feels especially special because I get to share it with my own little mini me, Lennon.  Of course, I needed to create the perfect costume for her perfect day.  I didn't want her to be yet another baby ladybug being lugged around with her mother insect.

The struggle for perfection has been a long standing theme during our time as parents; in fact, it is from one of our first lengthy parenting disputes that the idea for her costume was born.  During my pregnancy, my husband and I struggled to agree on a name for our daughter.  He liked classic names like Eleanor and Adaline, and I liked androgynous names like Sloan and Harper.  He even briefly won naming rights, but after my whole birthing disaster, he finally agreed to reopen negotiations. We were at an impasse for months, so eventually, my husband, an avid football fan, fantasy football player, and The League watcher, decided to nickname our child Chalupa Batman after a particularly memorable episode of the cult comedy where one of the characters trades the naming rights for his first born son for the first fantasy football draft pick of the season.  Our family, friends, and co-workers thought this nickname was hilarious, so it stuck until our daughter’s birth a few months later.  His work family even gifted us a chalupa blanket when she was born.  (Thank you, Rincksters!)

Obviously, I couldn’t let such a fabulous first nickname or baby shower gift go to waste, so amid the throngs of Spider-men, Supermen, and Ironmen wandering from house to house on Halloween, there was one very small, very unique Chalupa Batgirl.

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